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The new Ashland Tidings logo.

Ashland Tidings drops 'Daily' from its name

The new year brings a new look to the Ashland Tidings: We’ve dropped the “Daily” from the name.

The change streamlines the name while also honoring our roots. The paper was known as the Ashland Tidings from its first edition on June 17, 1876, through 1912, when the paper began publishing a weekly edition in addition to the daily. So it made perfect sense to distinguish the two as the Ashland Weekly Tidings and Ashland Daily Tidings until the weekly ceased publication a few years later. The “Daily” part of the name persisted, though “Ashland” was dropped from 1980-1993.

We’re also changing the color of the flag (what newspapers call the nameplate at the top of the front page) back to green, the color it was before it was switched to blue when the Tidings switched to the tabloid format in 2014.

The Tidings remains a six-day a week daily. Another change in the works in conjunction with the name change is a new website address,, to replace the current address,

We hope you like the new, cleaner nameplate.

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