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Letter to the editor, Sept. 12, 2018

Are you tired?

Are you tired of big government and complicated plans that leave things exactly the way they were? Are you upset six corporations control 90 percent of the media in America? Have you ever questioned the government’s monopoly on education? Did you know formal education and the media itself are the two biggest business industries in America?

Why doesn’t anybody ask these questions? We have an established religion in America. It is called political correctness. This is not news to most rational Americans. Once you allow someone to tell you which of your feelings is a prejudice and which is a preference, you make that someone your master. If you control language, you control dissent. If the only critics of political correctness are afraid of being called anti-intellectual, simplistic, or even racist, any criticism is stopped before it even starts.

A label is a completely different thing from an argument. An argument is used to convince people you are right. A label is thrown at somebody to keep them from mentioning the possibility you could be wrong. As long as the only people who are allowed to oppose the left are terrified of your favorite labels, your power is absolute.

You could not end fascism or communism until you realized that nobody had a monopoly on wisdom. Today, any challenge to progressive thought is crushed by using political correctness. “Intellectuals” almost universally agree that socialism is the wave of the future. On campus, it is almost universally required doctrine that if the government owned and ran all industry, the result would not only be efficient but fair. People are beginning to understand how intolerant political correctness really is.

Theo White


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