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Letters, March 15

Every day is white day

The review of OSF’s production of Hairspray (March 12) was nothing if not enthusiastic despite several errors, which were corrected in the online review.

The review discusses the importance of inclusivity and points out that, “While body size is most evident, class, wealth, clothing, race, gender and physical ability are all front and center. The in-crowd ostracizes and humiliates those who are different in any way, and every day is a ‘white day,’ leaving no days for any others.”

The most ironic thing about this ebullient review with its specific kudos to several actors is its lack of mentioning the outstanding performance of Greta Oglesby, playing Motormouth Maybelle, who brought the audience to a standing ovation during the second act. Not one cast member of color is mentioned by name. Such an omission makes me wonder if every day isn’t still “white day.”

Elizabeth Fairchild


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