Mason Brannen, 8, (above) and Travis Brannen, 10, were 'jailed' Thursday afternoon at Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland in a mock jail set up by the local district of the Muscular Dystrophy Association for its "Behind Bars for Good" fundraiser. The boys' father, Frank Brannen, sales manager of Butler Acura in Ashland, was one of about 50 "jailbirds" nominated to raise enough "bail" to get out of the MDA's "maximum appreciation jail site. "Participants &

    business associates from Ashland, Talent and Phoenix &

    had their "mug shot" taken, sampled free "jailhouse grub" provided by Standing Stone and got to rub shoulders with fellow "inmates" after being served their "warrant" and "arrested" at work and transported to the eatery via "paddywagons" provided by Butler Acura. It was the first fund-raiser of the year for the local MDA district, which last year raised $20,000 at the annual event &

    held at Standing Stone for the fifth year &

    and this year's output was expected to at least match last year's, MDA District Director Arlene Wedsted said."I think that, with the economy the way it is, people are grateful for what they have and they're willing to give what they can," said Wetsted, who marveled at the packed house and noted that some "convicts" raised as much as $1,400 apiece. "Bail" money from the event is used to send "Jerry's Kids" to a weeklong MDA summer camp, in addition to funding other medical services and research for the association. The district encompasses Southern Oregon and Northern California.

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