Letters to the Editor, April 10

    The Democrat we need
    After hearing Jamie McLeod-Skinner speak on two occasions, I am convinced that this is the Democrat we need to represent Congressional District 2 in Congress.
    Not only does she have a thoughtful and intelligent grasp of the issues facing Oregonians, but also her proposed solutions are smart and are a good fit for this very diverse district. Her leadership skills and experience are impressive (see her website: jamiefororegon.com).
    Greg Walden’s time has passed, and Jamie is more than ready to hit the ground running when she reaches Washington, D.C. I urge a vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the primary on May 15.
    Maureen Hicks
    Getting the $ out
    How do we get the big money out of politics? Vote.
    For years now, diverse polls confirm that the majority of Americans support campaign finance reform. How many polls have you seen showing the progress we’re making in that direction?
    Because of the money in politics, our elected officials do not truly represent us anymore. We in State Senate District 3 can act to change that by voting for Jeff Golden in the May 15 primary. Golden is not taking special interest money.
    As a woman, I’m voting for the best-qualified person to act on the issues I feel are most important to Oregonians — social justice, economic fairness, health care, climate change and education. That person at this time is Jeff Golden. We can write a different story about special interest money with our votes.
    Pat Gordon
    The right to live
    Banning assault weapons: our next step:
    OK: We’ve done our marching to end gun violence in Medford and here’s the next step we can take close to home.
    A coalition of state clergy, youths and gun control advocates, “Lift Every Voice,” has filed Initiative 43 as a ballot initiative for the November 2018 election that would prohibit the future sale of semi-automatic weapons in Oregon.
    There might be court challenges on this initiative, but hopefully we can collect signatures as soon as June to put this on our state November ballot.
    At the state level there are two organizations working together to protect us from this crazy violence. Please contact both Cease Fire Oregon and Lift Every Voice Oregon and keep the momentum going. Marching was the first step, but we have more to do! Never give up!
    Wendy Eppinger

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