Letters to the Editor, April 6

    Fox News, in the course of setting U.S. foreign and domestic policy via ownership of a president who doesn’t know anything, is finally able to sufficiently frighten the American people into submission. In addition, we have a Congress that is terrified of an electorate that they don’t understand.
    We are not under attack by Muslim terrorists, certainly not as much as from white American terrorists. We are not about to be invaded by caravans and hordes of Mexican and other Central American drug dealers, rapists and murderers.
    We are not about to be bombed by Iran, North Korea, or anyone else stupid enough to consider it. If we go to war, simply to divert attention from Mueller’s Russia probe, it will be of our doing, and ours alone. The world should be far more afraid of what we will do next — and the media are not the enemy of the people.
    Russia, however, has won a share of the ownership of our presidency and our election process.
    We have no leadership from any branch of government; therefore, no protection. What can we do about it?. Or are we just plain stuck?
    Don Azar

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