Talent resident, 80, rescued from burning home

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    Neighbors rushed to save an elderly woman who set her home on fire and barricaded herself inside during an apparent suicide attempt.

    Rodger Hunt was carrying groceries on Thursday afternoon to his home in the Talent Mobile Estates trailer park on Arnos Street when he saw the house next door erupt in smoke and flames.

    "The window blew out as I was getting my cell phone to call 911," Hunt said.

    His mother Anella Hunt, who lives across the street, saw the 80-year-old woman standing in her doorway as smoke and flames poured from the doorway and windows.

    "She was just standing there in the door waving goodbye to everyone," Anella Hunt said. "It's just so sad."

    She and another neighbor took action and pulled the woman from the burning single-wide trailer. She had attempted to block their access by stacking several heavy boxes in the doorway, Anella Hunt said.

    The Hunts have shared the trailer park with the woman for around 18 years. They said the woman's quality of life had deteriorated over the past several years.

    Crews from Jackson County Fire District No. 5 along with Phoenix and Talent fire departments arrived quickly and doused the flames in less than five minutes. that time fire had gutted the home, destroying everything inside.

    "It's a total loss," Jackson County Fire District No. 5 Chief Don Marshall said. "It doesn't take very long for these mobile homes to go up completely."

    Marshall said he suspects the woman started the fire in a suicide attempt. The official cause remains under investigation, he said.

    "We'll be here throughout the evening to try and find out specifically what happened," Marshall added.

    The woman was taken to Ashland Community Hospital with no apparent injuries, Marshall said.

    She waved at her neighbors as emergency crews loaded her into the back of an ambulance.

    "She's been in pain for a long time," Anella Hunt said.

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