Culture of Peace: Receiving and reflecting energy from the Peace Flame

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    We all just want to experience love, as often as possible. We want to give and receive love easily and feel appreciated. We want to feel heard when we speak and seen as we shine. We want to feel that we belong on this Earth and that we can really relax in the wholeness of who we really be. We long to feel connected and a part of a bigger picture happening. We ache to experience freedom on any level, in every area of our life. We want to mostly feel good in our day to day and, in our core, we really do want that for each other.

    And we are in human bodies. In every moment, we are co-creating with infinite energy, with unlimited potential. But we often forget because we get lost in the stories that we tell. We find comfort and safety in stories of lack and limitation and repeat this energy to anybody who will listen. And the Law of Attraction is loyal to each of us and continues to show evidence of where we are vibrationally focused. We decide in every moment if we are calling in more experiences that feel like love or more experiences that feel like fear. (And why are we wasting so much energy, pretending that lack or separation is even real?)

    The World Peace Flame holds the energy of knowing. It reminds us, as we sit with it, that anything is possible and life really is beyond what our eyes can see. It invites us into simplicity and a new relationship with the present moment. The flame, newly located in Ashland, Oregon, (across the street from Ashland Middle School) is a powerful tool for anybody to access and use. The flame is constant, always present and ready to hold space. It’s an incredible container to bring any dreams, desires, fears, celebrations and worries to. It listens well and never loses sight of the truth. All feelings are welcome as you sit with this powerful light. And the flame is always lit, 24/7.

    I visited the flame recently and noticed, as I stared at the flickering light, there were two flames dancing side by side. It reminded me of our relationship with the universe and the presence of a higher power that consistently stands with us, whispering unconditional love in our ears in every moment, through any experience. This presence is always with us, only wanting to guide us to better and more. The flame doesn’t judge how we show up, or how we choose to dance while here in this human experience. It just stands strong with us, grounded in truth, always ready to celebrate the moment and who we really are.

    Unconditional love and presence, constantly holding us. The light burns bright inside of us, inviting us into deeper truth, understanding and compassion for this human experience. When we let ourselves connect and align with the truth, it feels good in our being and, when we stare at illusions and try and call them truth, it doesn’t feel good. Our feelings, like the flame, are here to guide us as humans — to reach for relief faster, and to know when to pause and really come back to the breath.

    The World Peace Flame reminds me that not a lot is happening here on Earth, though at times my human side begs to differ. It also reminds me to see everything as a blessing and gift, and to really receive the miracle that life is. It brings me great peace and joy to know this flame is always burning inside of me. I feel more at ease knowing that I’m not alone in any situation or circumstance, and that, in my choice of relaxing and breathing, I am better able to hear support talking and always cheering me on.

    We really should allow the universe to wow us, every single day, because we really are each so worthy and deserving of the best life ever. Life is really beautiful and ALWAYS working in our favor. Let’s let our light shine bright and sit with the World Peace Flame in negative moments to receive support — or, in positive moments, to share celebration energy.

    Tam Masdon, 34, found Ashland six years ago. She committed to self love and consciousness this lifetime and believes anything is possible. She is a writer, yet most passionate about public speaking, but more importantly identifies as a vessel for spirit on this Earth, now. Email comments and questions to The ACPC website is; like the commission on Facebook at; follow on Twitter. All are welcome to join the ACPC’s Talking Circle at 11 a.m. each Tuesday and Community Meeting at 4 p.m. each Wednesday, both at the ACPC office, 33 First St., Suite 1, diagonally across Lithia Way from the Ashland Post Office.

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