Letters to the Editor

    Senseless scariness must stop now

    I know there has been mixed reaction to the regulation of this year's Halloween parade, but the Chamber of Commerce did what was right. Now that we have this precedent, where we prevent Halloween from frightening children, we should actively seek to guarantee the security and peace of mind of our children at all city-sponsored events. No more scaring our children!

    How many of us have seen children cry on Santa's lap? That's right, all of us. We can no longer allow the sight of this seemingly jolly, but terrifying, old man dressed in red at the Ashland Christmas parade. He has already scared far too many children. I only pray there is enough time left to stop this senseless scariness before this year's parade. At the very least, there should be time to make certain the large, costumed Easter bunny does not frighten our children at the park next year. This insanity must stop!

    Arnold Bleicher


    Railroad tracksare an opportunity

    With the devastation and with more future devastation due to global warming, doesn't it make sense to inspect and repair all our existing railroad tracks in the Rogue Valley? The tracks are just sitting there not being used, and we have a great opportunity to get big trucks and cars off the roads and create commuter train systems as well as getting freight trains going again. Big semis are of great danger to many drivers of smaller vehicles and should be taken off main highways and freeways.

    Let's get a commuter train going in this valley as a start in changing the directions of our transportation systems. It is an error to continue spending thousands or millions to rebuild and expand our freeways, which attract more and more automobiles and trucks. With more vehicles we create more greenhouse gases, adding to the terrible problems involved in global warming such as changing weather patterns, melting ice and eventually changing ocean currents, which will be complete and total disaster. All that money needs to go to new forms of engineering, creating new forms of transportation, electric cars, commuter trains and more.

    Nina Council


    Here's a story with a happy ending

    On Oct. 14, I lost an opal ring at Shop 'N' Kart in Ashland. I advertised in the Mail Tribune, Daily Tidings and craigslist. I posted a reward for $100 on nearly 100 bulletin boards or store windows in Ashland. I alerted pawnbrokers, jewelers and the Ashland police. I had begun to despair that I would ever see it again.

    Then, when I was in California at my 50th high school class reunion Oct. 24, I received a phone call from Michelle Wynne saying, "My daughter has found your ring!" On Sunday, I was reunited with my ring, and 11-year-old Jasmine Wynne received her $100 reward for her honesty.

    When I asked Jasmine, a Bellview Elementary School student, what she planned to do with her reward, she unhesitatingly said she would give some of it to AIDS research and some to the Buy a Heifer program for hungry families overseas. How refreshing!

    I want to thank all of the merchants who kindly allowed me to post my lost ring poster. Without their help I would not have received my ring since this family does not take a newspaper or own a computer. A friend of the Wynne family saw my poster at Starbucks and notified them.

    It is heartwarming to know so many business owners were caring enough to post my flier.

    Linda Gamble


    Don't let your dog poop at Bellview

    I was just talking to a person from Bellview School. The dog poop problem on the school grounds has become atrocious.

    Shame on you people who take advantage of the privilege to run your dogs on the school grounds and then neglect to clean up after them. Don't you have any pride toward being a good citizen?

    When you leave those "piles" around, the little kids step in them and even get it on their clothes and bring it into the school room. You are creating a problem and a great nuisance. Don't you care? Shame!

    Please don't take your dogs on the school playgrounds if you're not prepared to clean up after them. It's pretty disgusting to have kids come into the classroom with dog poop on them.

    Eileen Wright


    Sanctuary Oneis worth a visit

    I recently traveled out to the Double Oak Farm in Applegate to visit Sanctuary One, a care farm for needy animals. This was a result of my attending their annual fundraiser, Farm to Fork, an event I highly recommend.

    I was motivated to see for myself the work that Sanctuary One was doing to help abandoned or abused animals or any farm animal that needed a home.

    My friend and I saw llamas being herded, which looked like what I imagine herding six-foot-tall cats might look like. We also visited an odd couple, a pot-belly pig and a handicapped goat who were barn mates. We were treated to petting a 700-pound sow who roams the fields with a smaller version of herself; everybody needs a friend. Five horses are in residence right now along with a herd of goats, plus geese and ducks. Sanctuary One is broadening their reach to include domestic animals and has broken ground on a new project to build a Cat and Dog Village.

    I encourage all animal lovers to visit. For a small donation, anyone can get a guided tour Monday through Saturday. Check out their website, www.sanctuaryone.org.

    Regina Ayars


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