Electric vehicle buyers get a jump start

    Not sure if an electric vehicle (EV) is right for you? New tools on the city of Ashland website help residents get a detailed perspective on EVs.

    For some, switching to an electric vehicle is a clear choice for helping the environment and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. For others, it’s about saving money because EVs cost less to drive and require much less maintenance (no more oil changes, no more emissions testing). Electric vehicles are also fun to drive – instant torque, smooth acceleration, and a nearly silent ride combine to offer an improved driving experience for all ages.

    Stu Green, climate and energy analyst at the city of Ashland, says of the new webpage on the city website (www.ashland.or.us) and the information it contains, “Anyone curious about electric vehicles can learn a lot of valuable information from these new web-based tools. You can tell the tool what type of vehicle you drive, and get an instant report showing the costs of EV relative to your current vehicle. For example, an average car might travel 24 miles on one gallon of fuel, while an average electric would travel 89 miles for the same cost. Per dollar of fuel an EV can go two to four times the distance of a fossil-fuel powered car. This tool is a free and compelling way to evaluate your options.”

    Federal and state tax credits are very generous at the moment — up to $7,500 in tax credits are available for a new EV purchase, and several additional rebate incentives will soon be available from the state of Oregon.

    The city of Ashland is expanding infrastructure and support for electric vehicles as part of its Climate and Energy Action Plan, which aims to reduce Ashland’s contribution to global carbon pollution and prepare the city for climate change impacts.

    Ashland’s Climate Vision for 2050 (www.ashland.or.us/climateplan) is to be a resilient community that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions, embraces equity, protects healthy ecosystems, and creates opportunities for future generations.

    For more information, contact Stu Green (stu.green@ashland.or.us, 541-552-2085).

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