AHS places second in speech and debate tourney

    Lilli Morrish and Sarah Aaronson brought home first-place awards in their first-ever speech and debate performances as the Ashland High School speech and debate team placed second in the sweepstakes team tally to Cleveland in the Jerry Hudson Forensics Tournament on Saturday at Willamette University in Salem.

    Defending Class 6A state champion Cleveland edged defending Class 5A state champion Ashland in the overall debate competition, 93-91, to claim the prestigious tournament, which included 31 schools from Oregon and Washington competing in 20 speech and debate events across three divisions.

    Morrish won first place for oratory and Aaronson placed first in extemporaneous speaking, and Aaronson, Karl Moeglein and Carson Barry advanced to the finals in each of their three events.

    Also for Ashland, Annika Larson won humorous interpretation, Maris Evans was a finalist in oratory and Sienna Scoggin was a finalist in expository. Hannah Doyl placed third in extemporaneous speaking.

    The complete Ashland results are as follows:


    Annika Larson, First Place Jr. Humorous Interpretation; Hannah Doyle, Third Place Jr. Extemporaneous Speaking; Sarah Aaronson, First Place Jr. Extemp; Karl Moeglein, First Place Sr. Extemp; Gita Shanks, Second Place Jr. Radio; Carson Barry, Finalist (4th) Sr. Radio; Nick VanDerZwan, Finalist Jr. Dramatic Interpretation; Maya Davis, Second Place Jr. DI; Maris Evans, Finalist Jr. Oratory; Lilli Morrish, First Place Jr. Oratory; Karl Moeglein, Third Place Sr. Impromptu; Carson Barry, Finalist Sr. Impromptu; Sienna Scoggin, Finalist Jr. Expository; Sarah Aaronson, Finalist Jr. Prose.


    Eryl Kenner, Quarterfinalist (5th) Novice Lincoln-Douglas Value debate; Camille Ellis, Semifinalist (3rd) Novice LD; Maya Livni, Second Place Jr. LD; Carson Barry, Quarterfinalist Sr. LD; Jude Williams and Taylor Hanks, Semifinalists Jr. Public Forum; Annika Larson and Sarah Aaronson, Semifinalists Jr. PF; Anna Werthaiser and Lydia Holmes, Quarterfinalist Sr. PF; Claire Pryor and Maya Davis, Semifinalists Jr. Parli; Hannah Doyle and Alex Webb, Semifinalists Jr. Parli; John Ropp and Rob Stallman, Semifinalists Sr. Parli; Karl Moeglein and Elliott Mellon, Second Place Sr. Parli.


    Eryl Kenner, Sixth Speaker Novice LD; Camille Ellis, Second Speaker Novice LD; Maya Livni, First Speaker Jr. LD; Carson Barry, Second Speaker Sr. LD; Kellen Rice, Seventh Speaker Novice PF; Taylor Hanks, Eighth Speaker Jr. PF; Jude Williams, Sixth Speaker Jr. PF; Annika Larson, Fourth Speaker Jr. PF; Anna Werthaiser, First Speaker Open PF; Lilli Morrish, Third Speaker Novice Parli; Alex Webb, Seventh Speaker Jr. Parli; Maya Davis, Fifth Speaker Jr. Parli; Claire Pryor, Third Speaker Jr. Parli; Hannah Doyle, Second Speaker Jr. Parli; Rob Stallman, Fourth Speaker Sr. Parli; Karl Moeglein, Third Speaker Sr. Parli; John Ropp, Second Speaker Sr. Parli.



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