Guest Opinion: It's not too late

    I know many people think the Tidings and the Trib offer only liberal voices (never mind Ed Rogers, George Will and Jay Ambrose). A recent letter writer wanted the paper to stop giving out propaganda. I’ve come to the conclusion that Orwell had it right. He was just off by a few years.

    In today’s America, up is down, black is white and two plus two equals five. I read both local papers and the New York Times every day. And I watch MSNBC and sometimes CNN until they put on the fact-free, right-wing surrogates so they can try to balance reality with the propaganda of the current administration. NPR has to do the same thing. (Thus, on both networks, we have Trump surrogate Paris Denard.) In the valley, besides Fox being the only choice at the airport, we have KMED and KCMX. Or you can hear right-wing propaganda on our local CBS affiliate, now owned by Sinclair. But I have the choice to change the channel on my TV or radio. That is not true for a good portion of our country.

    When they eliminated the Fairness Doctrine (remember that?), "we the people" lost control of our airwaves. In some parts of the country, voters are treated to over 700 hours a week of right-wing talking points as opposed to the truth. ("Obama’s coming for your guns!") The three progressive stations on the West Coast (Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area) were bought by right-wing conglomerates and turned into sports stations. Shades of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: Give the people sports scores, a three-word headline ("Lock Her Up" comes to mind), reality TV and burn the newspapers and the books. Keep people so busy surviving they won’t have time to think.

    And now we have the Russian interference. We are currently living Rod Serling’s prescient episode of The Twilight Zone: "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street," where aliens are easily able to turn our friends, neighbors and even our family into the enemy so we end up killing each other,  leaving them (or Putin) to just take over the country (and the world) without the Russians having to fire a shot.

    I don’t think it’s too late. I just think we all have to realize what we’ve lost and are still losing, educate ourselves and our children — and vote!

    Unless climate change gets us first, that is ...

    — Livia Genise lives in Ashland.

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