Guest Opinion: Support senior center

    It appears as if the Ashland City Council would be pleased if the Senior Center with its lack of management would suddenly disappear. I’m sure that if they dug deep into the rules and regulations of running our fair city, they would or could come up with a solution to put the Senior Center back to where it was a year ago. If they were running for their current office, I’m sure they would have a solution. Come on guys and gals, put on your thinking caps.

    Perhaps I am over-simplifying this current problem. We senior outsiders have been hoping and trying to come up with solutions. One that I just read about is the recall of the mismanaging commissioners of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission. We were told by a council member that this is not the way to fix the problem, it might divide the city. I also read that it would probably bring the city back together if the problem was resolved. It’s about time.

    Is this council member there to give us instructions, or was he elected to follow our wishes and suggestions and represent us, his constituents?

    During the past quarter of a year, nothing constructive has happened in regard to the Senior Center management, that is, after the APRC fired the staff that was doing such a great job. The center has been left to drift along without a purpose, thanks to the management or mismanagement of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

    The Ashland Senior Center was a place we seniors took for granted was there for us to enjoy and would be there forever. In the past, there was personnel available that could and did answer the multitude of senior problems that we older Ashlanders would bring for them to supply solutions. Now, that is all gone.

    It may appear as if I am rambling. Well, yes, I am. As a 93-year-old senior who has enjoyed the facilities available at the Ashland Senior Center for many years, I am very upset and disappointed with what has recently happened there. Especially the firing of a staff the did a great job for the past 10 years. Can you blame me for being blue?

    — Earl Haveman lives in Ashland.

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