Snow creating hazardous driving conditions

    Snow is falling in Ashland this morning, creating hazardous driving conditions and causing city crews to scramble to plow streets.

    John Peterson, the city's street supervisor, is asking all motorists without four-wheel drive vehicles to chain up.

    “Right now things are pretty slick out there,” he said at 8:45 a.m. “A lot of motorists I've noticed either aren't carrying tire chains or don't want to put them on.”

    City employees are working to clear main arterial streets, such as Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland Street and Main Street. Peterson expects those streets to be cleared of snow by about 11 a.m., depending on weather conditions.

    Roads immediately surrounding Ashland Community Hospital and all Ashland public schools have been cleared. All district schools are open and started on time this morning.

    One snow-related crash has been reported in Ashland so far this morning, he said. A car crashed at the intersection of Strawberry Lane and Granite Streets, Peterson said. No injuries were reported.

    Traffic was at a stop on Highway 66 at Clay Street at about 8:45 a.m. but city crews are working to improve road conditions there, Peterson said.

    The city works to clear main streets first and then works to clear other highly trafficked streets, such as Mountain Avenue, Hersey Street and Park Street. Residential streets are cleared last and are prioritized based on traffic volume and steepness.

    Motorists could be seen skidding across ice on Siskiyou Boulevard this morning and some drivers were stopping on the side of the road to chain up.

    “The problem is the temperature is about 28 degrees out there, so we have ice,” Peterson said.

    —Hannah Guzik

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