Guest Opinion: Sending a message to the city

    Living very near Hunter Park for several years, taking our children to Daniel Meyer Pool in the summer and seeing members of our senior population enjoy the Senior Center and children and their families enjoying ball games, I observed a perfect setting; young and old coming together in one of the sweetest spots in Ashland.

    Daniel Meyer Pool in the summer, with its grassy lounging areas, has been the perfect place for mothers to relax and visit while their children have the opportunity to enjoy being together in the water. I’m sure the folks at the Senior Center get a lift hearing and seeing the kids.

    My husband and I were interested to see the "improvements" made around the park. All the sidewalks torn up and replaced, red padding added atop all the chain link fencing, a new concrete ping pong table, new play equipment and more. Then the beautiful shade arbor over the pool grounds was torn down and replaced with metal poles and removable shade cloths. One wonders where all that money came from and if all of it was necessary.

    Other parks have seen complete renovations of play equipment and more, all around town.

    Now, I am wondering, how did this focus on the Senior Center begin? I recall some mention of moving the center to the Grove.

    And what is the buzz about a new and improved pool? I hear a special interest group (extending beyond Ashland) is keen to replace Daniel Meyer pool with a larger, indoor pool. It was said that there was room to do all that without changing anything else.

    But if swim meets were held in this new facility, where would people park? And who would staff this place? As it stands now, the pool is staffed with young volunteers in summer and closes when school starts in the fall.

    I am the parent of a member of the Ashland High School swim team, and yes, it would be great to have an indoor pool for them to practice in and maybe even host meets in, but more importantly, I am trying to teach my children that nothing is worth getting in debt for, our young and our old are ours to cherish and care for, and you don’t always get everything you want.

    I am voting in favor of a recall of the parks commissioners because I feel there has been too free a hand in spending, not enough respect and transparency and because a message needs to be sent to those who supposedly work for the citizens of Ashland that we want a debt-free city and we want to be heard.

    — Susan Berry lives in Ashland.


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