Guest Opinion: The beauty of not caring

    I really enjoyed watching this year’s World Series between the Dodgers and the Astros. It was one of the most exciting, entertaining, exuberant Series I’ve ever seen; it had numerous lead changes, pitching duels, home runs, slugfests. Everything you could want in a Series.

    I enjoy watching baseball in general. It’s a non-threatening diversion from the angst that’s taking place in our country and our world today. I can only be bombarded by so many political appeals and attack ads and bad news before I need a good baseball game and its slowness to calm me down.

    I am a Yankees fan, and as such, I was conflicted about which team I should root for in the Series. Should I root for the Astros because they are in the American League like the Yankees and because their home city and its population was so devastated by that hurricane, or should I root for the Dodgers because they are geographically closer to me, many of my close friends are Dodger fans, and because they came from Brooklyn, as did my mother?

    Watching the Series, I realized none of that mattered. I just didn’t really care which team won.

    However, what was revelatory to me while watching Game 6 was that since I didn’t care which team won, I was able to focus more on the game and the strategies and the performances than on a specific team. And I could watch the game without any of the stress of wondering whether my team would win or lose.

    When you don’t have a rooting interest you can more fully appreciate all the performances without any regard to who made what plays for which team — and be totally stress-free.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like rooting for a team and following them over the course of their season, but watching a great game between two teams you don’t have a rooting interest in is a wonderful experience too. It’s a beautiful way to not care and to just plain have fun.

    — Rick Bleiweiss lives in Ashland.

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