Election Letters, Nov. 1

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    Lucky to have Jensen

    I have known and worked with Steve Jensen for over 30 years on various water projects and have been inspired and awed by his diligence and work ethic, attention to detail as well as the big picture, all accomplished with terrific team-building skills and good humor!

    Steve knows how to work and get along with all kinds of people and is actively involved in and aware of the many ins and outs and needs of the city of Ashland. He will work tirelessly in the interests of all Ashland citizens to find common sense solutions to the city’s issues. We are lucky to have Steve Jensen running for Ashland City Council Position 6!

    Gene K. Leyden


    Voting for Dyer

    Please join me in voting for Rick Dyer for county commissioner. I consider myself a moderate Democrat, and I’m concerned about the partisan division in our country today.

    Dyer is a pragmatic leader who cares less about party and more about Jackson County. He has a proven record that he can work effectively with people of both parties.

    As a father, it is also great to see the time Rick puts in with our area’s youth and the sincere concern he has for our kids and their future in Jackson County. As an attorney, I am confident that Rick’s law degree will enable him to effectively navigate the complex legal issues a commissioner is faced with regularly. As a concerned citizen of Jackson County, I am grateful to have the opportunity to reelect someone as qualified as Rick Dyer.

    Ryan Vanderhoof


    Jamie has my vote

    Does Jamie McLeod-Skinner have roots in Oregon? Yes, Jamie was graduated from high school in Southern Oregon and from law school in Eugene. Jamie’s mother has taught public school in Southern and Central Oregon. Jamie’s in-laws have been ranchers in Eastern Oregon for generations.

    What was Jamie’s role in Bosnia and Kosovo? With a background in civil engineering and regional planning, Jamie re-constructed and managed water programs. Water is a concern in our congressional district. Jamie’s experience and water-law degree qualify her to represent us in Congress.

    Why did Phoenix fire Jamie as city administrator? Phoenix has had five city administrators in the past two years. Jamie followed her ethics and spoke her truth when asked to compromise her integrity. The same commitment to transparency got Jamie elected to a second term on the Santa Clara City Council.

    Jamie has my vote.

    Bob Morse


    Seffinger has my vote

    As a citizen it is my responsibility to be active, know city issues and who can address those issues. Every election I meet each viable candidate, learning who can lead Ashland.

    Serving on the Citizens Budget Committee for nine years I learned which council members understood Ashland’s budget process.

    Stefani Seffinger has demonstrated her ability to achieve city goals. She works to understand and prioritize the issues. She initiated and got passed the smoking ban. Stef is a leader on watershed protection issues. Stef understands Ashland’s needs.

    On the other hand, Carol Voisin served eight years on the council voting alone more than any other member. She voted alone against improving the plaza, opposed the smoking ban, opposing opportunities for affordable housing and watershed protection funding. She led the way on the Parks recall petition. Not the record of a person I want leading Ashland.

    Stefani Seffinger has my vote.

    William Heimann


    We need Gomez

    As a high school teacher in Southern Oregon I see the need for more family-wage jobs and career training for our high school and college graduates. We need to elect leaders who have experience starting and running a business. We also need business leaders who understand the importance of school to career training and creation of true living-wage jobs.

    Jessica Gomez has built a business here in Southern Oregon and provides quality jobs for more than 20 people. She’s served on numerous boards and committees focused on job creation and STEM education at the county and state level. She’s endorsed by business leaders in our community.

    We need a leader who will help small, local businesses thrive, a leader who understands the importance of career training and a leader willing to work for our future generation. That leader is Jessica Gomez.

    Glenn Johannes


    Re-elect Landt

    Ashland parks have been the crown jewel for our community and for city visitors for many decades. As we re-enter election season and in these times of civic turmoil, I would like to encourage you all to keep the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission functioning at a high level by re-electing Rick Landt.

    This complex job requires a lot of experience, especially when balancing budgets and needs (short-term and long-term). Rick has shown that he understands the issues and can find innovative, reasonable solutions. Thank you!

    Thierry Chouard


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