Election Letters, Nov. 2

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    Supporting Davis

    We continue to support Joe Davis for Jackson County Circuit Court judge, Position 9.

    He understands the issues facing our community and is willing to devote his time and energy to make Jackson County a better place. Joe has the experience, work ethic, and most importantly, the temperament needed to be a judge. Please join us in voting for Joe Davis in the upcoming November election.

    Lisa Greif and Lorenzo Mejia, Jackson County Circuit Court judges


    Smear allegations

    Recently a flier appeared in my mailbox from an unknown source charging that Jeff Golden is “Wrong on Women” and “Wrong For The Job” because he allegedly called women “time wasters” and saying that women should be “subordinate”. This allegation was in a journal, “Watermelon Summer,” which he wrote and published when 20 in 1971.

    Really? I met Jeffery in 1972 when I hired him to help me frame a roof on my house I was building near Gold Hill. We became friends, worked with another man for several years building houses in the Rogue Valley, and I read his book. In the 46 years I have been acquainted with him he has always treated women with respect and has shown appreciation for their intelligence and abilities.

    Whoever it is making these smear allegations does not know Jeff Golden nor have any knowledge of his character.

    Don Snyder


    Voting for Graham

    I am voting for Tonya Graham for Ashland City Council.

    She greatly values strategic planning for the city and notes that the council has received only one of the required six-month progress updates since February 2016, so clearly something isn’t working well. Tonya wants to address that.

    She is aware that the present city budget was adopted with a $45 million error and has a proposal to ensure future budgeting processes are more accurate. She envisions a plan to address homelessness that coordinates local city and regional resources working together for maximum impact on this issue.

    I’ve witnessed her in a group with varied opinions and seen her enlist those factions in moving forward with an inclusive proposal that brought those differences together. Join me in voting for Tonya Graham.

    Jim Stumbo


    Voting for action

    Before I vote, I decided to compare what Jeff Golden and Jessica Gomez have committed to when it comes to climate change.

    GoldenForSenate.com lists Jeff’s commitments: passage of the Oregon Clean Energy Jobs Bill, support Oregon’s Clean Fuels program, improve public transportation infrastructure, and stop the Jordan Cove fracked-gas pipeline and export terminal.

    On Jessica Gomez’s website I saw that her answer to climate change is to “support climate and energy research efforts in our University System” to “develop clean, convenient, inexpensive energy technology that can be exported globally.” We’ve got to research more before we can act? And the goal is more export projects — like Jordan Cove?

    One reason for the difference is that Golden doesn’t take corporate special interest money. Gomez’s contributors, listed at the Oregon Secretary of State’s campaign finance site, include British Petroleum, Chevron, and Tesoro.

    I’m voting for action, not more delay.

    Cassidy Mills


    Vote for Tonya Graham

    Ashland faces many critical issues and cannot continue on the path we’ve been on. We have been hearing for years from our City Council about affordable housing, stronger Ashland economy, more jobs, etc. Still waiting to see anything happen.

    I do not want to see Ashland become a community that only the wealthy can afford. There is no diversity if we continue to push out families and middle class because the cost of paying your rent and utility bill is too expensive. It is challenging for businesses to move here and building codes are frustrating.

    I put a tremendous amount of value in Tonya Graham’s ability to be a strong, proactive leader for Ashland. Graham’s dedication to civic duty and to Ashland is nothing less than impressive. Tonya’s strong family values, her ability to work with others and impressive qualifications make her my vote. We need new leadership for Ashland.

    Stacy Page


    Vote Golden

    An anonymous attack on Jeff Golden appeared in my mailbox from PO Box 2801 Arlington, VA 22202. In expensive printing with large red type making a simplistic one-point attack, they attempt to make a gender bias case against Jeff referencing a book that Jeff wrote in 1971, selecting a few words, giving no context.

    In a recent interview of candidates for 3rd District state senator, Jeff explained his positions on the issues in depth, while the other speaker emphasized gender as her main qualification. Yes, we absolutely need women in politics and I strongly support the voices and experiences of women being heard and valued. I know Jeff agrees. We need people who are working for the issues that affect all people and the health of our planet.

    Reclaim our democracy. Vote for the candidate with the most relevant experience for all our futures.

    Daniel Verner


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