Letters, Dec. 18

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    Build a bike track

    Lincoln Park needs you. Ever since I was little, my family has played at the park. The city is thinking of taking over care of the park and adding some new features. I think a pump track/bike park would be a great idea. I learned to ride a bike at Lincoln Park, and I think other kids like me should have the same great experience, but better. With a pump track, kids and adults of all experience levels could ride and have fun.

    Wesley Newman, age 11


    Practice stewardship

    I appreciate Krista Vegter’s efforts with her Uproot Meats company in providing food within a model of sustainability, and I fundamentally back her mission — provided that she look deeper than requirements by current law and ordinances. The health risks that opponents speak of are all valid and I, as well, am concerned about health for all: the land and all biology.

    When all is said and done, the proposed development of the hog farm on the property might comply with water usage and run off mitigation. However, she has overlooked a key component in land stewardship. The pre-existing natural steep topography was decimated with excavation to suit agricultural or farming needs. I believe that this apparent disregard for the natural landscape and foliage energetically creates opposition from the community in the first place.

    Regardless if she inherited this or created this — investment and “right to farm” in our valley has overlooked land stewardship for generations to come. With such a blight, I hope she considers a strategy to go beyond the requirements, provide water cleaner downstream and repair damage already created.

    Carlos Delgado


    Thanks for gifts

    Options for Helping Residents of Ashland thanks vocal artist John Craigie for the gifts of music and caring.

    The Portland-based singer/songwriter performed with singer Ben Morrison to an enthusiastic full house at Carpenter Hall on Dec. 4. A portion of the ticket sales were donated to OHRA. We will use these funds to assist those who seek help with jobs, housing and basic needs at our Ashland Community Resource Center, 611 Siskiyou Blvd., Unit 4. The Ashland Folk Collective deserves our appreciation for bringing such a gifted and generous musician to our town.

    Ken Gudger, OHRA president


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