Letters, March 1

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    Facts are important

    My concern with Uproot Meats is a lack of accountability and adherence to following the rules. Facts are important when examining the past behavior of this enterprise.

    On 11/10/16, the owners were investigated for living in an unpermitted RV on the property. On 12/28/2016, a follow-up found that the RV was still occupied after being officially warned and documented two times.

    While examining the same situation on 1/20/2017, Uproot Meats was told a building permit for a house was needed to live in the RV. They failed to obtain a permit. Instead they began construction without a permit of a second story on a building now proposed to be their slaughterhouse.

    The violations continued when, on 3/29/18, Uproot Meats was cited for an unpermitted barn and electrical. In a letter from the county, it was stated that if Uproot wanted to continue with solar, electrical permits for the work already installed would have to be obtained.

    On 12/29/2018, Jackson County issued a new violation regarding living on the second floor of the poultry processing facility. A stop work order has been issued by the Building Department. Trenching and utility work needs to be unearthed because there wasn’t a permit nor any inspections.

    On March 12, 2019, there will be a hearing by Jackson County Code Enforcement on the violation of construction of the building without a permit and occupation of a RV.

    I don’t know if Uproot Meats is unaware of the legal requirements involved in construction or is willfully ignoring the rules. They don’t have TID water rights or an electrical easement. Looking at the past, I worry about their ability to safely raise pigs and chickens in the future.

    Pat Turner


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