Letters, March 4

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    Support HB 2020

    As a native Oregonian I am rightly proud of my state. From preserving public access to ocean beaches to the landmark 1971 bottle bill, Oregon has led in preserving the environment for generations.

    With House Bill 2020, Oregonians have the opportunity — indeed the imperative — to lead the way once again. If passed, it would be the beginning of a thoughtful and humane transition to a green economy and a model for other states.

    As I listened to the testimony provided by those opposed to House bill 2020 in Medford Feb. 23, I was struck that most people were either afraid they would lose their jobs or that the rising cost of energy would strain their monthly budgets.

    These are understandable concerns. While HB 2020 does indeed have provisions to lessen the adverse impact on households, businesses, and workers, I urge that these provisions in the bill be safeguarded and strengthened. These people have been largely forgotten in the economic policies and changes of the last 30 years, and they are afraid they will be forgotten again.

    I urge the passing of House Bill 2020. And I commit myself to champion the cause of those adversely affected by this bill.

    Teresa Brain


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