Letters, March 8

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    D.C. tactics invade

    Alternative facts, fake news, misinformation, lies, and fear tactics are stock-in-trade in D.C., where greed rules. I really thought Oregon was better — realistic and with more integrity.

    But Holy Shades of the Great Orange Satan, Batman! D.C. tactics have now invaded Oregon! The Oregon Republican Party and their bankrolling Associated Oregon Industries have orchestrated a campaign of deception to frighten concerned Oregonians into rejecting their own best interests. Then they try to lure us with seductive short-term profits and greed-as-usual thinking.

    It takes the cake when they refer to a study based on an old 2016 proposal, not HB 2020, and then ignore real-life success stories like the states that have had cap-and-trade in place for years and have shown targeted emission reductions, lower gasoline prices and economic growth, all without increases in electricity costs.

    HB 2020 proposes a Climate Action Program for Oregon that incorporates long-term thinking and goals. A study conducted just this year (2019) concluded that the proposal would result in economic gains for our state by 2050: gains much greater than we would achieve without it, including 50,000 good-paying new jobs. And it would also generate huge health care savings within a decade.

    Support HB2020!

    Lee Lull


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