Letters, Nov. 5

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    She gets things done

    In August I drove over a nearly invisible bump-out on Mountain between Ashland and Siskiyou. This cost $800 for two new tires (and the damaged ones were almost new) and something called a “strut.” Months later nothing has been done to better identify the bump-out ,even though I called the university about it. So, I talked to Stefani Seffinger who contacted Paula Brown and this problem is going to be taken care of soon. Another reason to vote for Stefani — she gets things done!

    Marlyn Barrick


    Vote Sickler

    Sheriff Sickler is someone I respect immensely, as a former co-worker who was also my boss.

    I was one of the people who competed against Nate for the open position of sheriff. After that process was complete and seeing what Sheriff Sickler has done since his appointment, I have no problem saying that the community panel and the commissioners definitely chose the right person to lead the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Sickler has done many good things since becoming sheriff.

    Even though I have retired, Sheriff Sickler has my full support and utmost respect. I know the Sheriff’s Office will continue to thrive under Sheriff Sickler’s leadership.

    Please vote Nate Sickler for Jackson County sheriff.

    Dan Penland, retired captain, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office


    Elect Jessica Gomez

    One would do well to read the Voters Pamphlet and ignore all the ads and false information and just vote.

    Jeff Golden runs on no PAC money, yet his TV ads are paid for by PACs. I read Jessica supports the Jordan Cove project, but her website clearly states she does not.

    What to believe, politics are a nasty business. What is not is the opportunity we have to elect perhaps the first Latino woman to join the Republican Caucus in our state’s history. She is a business woman, appointed by the governor to serve as a university trustee, and is active in our state with respect from both parties.

    We need more people that understand the fiscal, social, environmental and economic problems we face in our state. Join me in electing Jessica Gomez to replace me as your state senator.

    Alan DeBoer


    Yes on school bond

    Many people in Ashland may not be aware that Oregon is one of six states that does not provide capital funding for K-12 schools. That means when we need to rebuild, update or modernize our schools here in Ashland, those changes are financed with a school bond.

    The Ashland Schools Bond, Measure 15-178, is the result of two years of a collaborative process between community members and school district staff to assess the condition of our facilities. Our schools need seismic renovations, equipment to provide clean air for students and staff, safety and security updates, and major repairs or rebuilds for some of our older buildings.

    For more information about specifics, please see asb2018.org.

    Ashland schools are an incredible asset to this community. I urge you to vote yes on Measure 15-178.

    Eva Skuratowicz

    Ashland School Board

    Voting for Landt

    I have served with Rick Landt for the past four years as an Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioner. I have found him to be well-prepared and knowledgeable on issues brought before the commissioners. I appreciate that he listens to differing viewpoints and attempts to find ways to incorporate them into the motions he makes.

    He supports a second dog park, a swimming pool to replace aging Daniel Meyer Pool that meets multiple community needs and efficient, best practice approaches to maintaining our parks, as do I. He consistently reminds staff and commissioners of how the city’s Comprehensive Plan fits into current commission initiatives. For all these reasons, I hope you will join me in voting for Rick for Parks.

    Matt Miller, Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioner


    Endorsing Kramer

    I strongly endorse George Kramer for Ashland City Council Position 6. George knows and understands Ashland.

    He has lived here, in the same house, since 1982. I don’t know anyone who has given back to his community as much as George has.

    He advocates doing rather than talking about doing! He wants to see the Ashland budget more transparent. He wants to see land-use policies put into effect to develop housing for young families, seniors, Ashland’s workers and young professionals. He supports spending $2 million on remodeling the present City Hall rather than $12 million on building a new one! Ashland needs George Kramer; please join me in voting for him!

    Sam Whitford


    Elect Graham

    The Tidings printed endorsements for Ashland’s council; all endorsements were incumbents, including Mike Morris! Really Tidings? I expected you to be more thoughtful of the challenges that face Ashland.

    The artificially inflated budget that Morris quickly rubber-stamped with a

    $45 million mistake should have been easy to see by someone who had been through three budget cycles. It’s hard to imagine how four more years will be the answer for Morris to accomplish what he has not even started.

    Tonya Graham’s pragmatic insight into Ashland’s needs, her willingness to examine critical issues our town faces, and her ability to respectfully listen to the public’s questions and concerns set her far apart from the incumbent.

    Graham and Morris have roots in Ashland, very important, but it shouldn’t be a prerequisite for people to vote for you — results should count.

    Graham will be the change Ashland needs for a stronger community.

    Meredith Overstreet


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