Letters to the Editor, June 21

    Disappointed grandma

    My granddaughter graduated from SOU on Saturday. She worked hard and committed herself to finish on time. Like most students she took on debt that will follow her for years. In the meantime, SOU happily continued to build new buildings and up the tuition accordingly. Even slamming the seniors with a raise in tuition on their very last quarter!

    On Saturday, June 16, commencement day, the three-hour ceremony as part “shareholders meeting,” where the “board members” talked exclusively about how wonderful they are and what they are doing for the school “in the future,” and part commencement speech — I had to keep asking myself whether it was a parody of the worst speech ever. The uninspiring City Council member, Dennis Slattery, talked entirely about himself! “I” was every other word. The last part was over an hour of calling every one of 1,000-plus students to the podium and then having them trickle out of the stadium. What the hell was that?

    How does this not speak to the quality of professors and staff at SOU? Did my granddaughter pay a high price for a sad educational experience? Anyone else feel this way?

    Judy Blue


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