Haiku Corner: Week of March 30 - April 3

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    Monday, March 30

    Please Spring, sting this breath

    Awaken a bright keenness

    Implicate this heart

    —Kathy Robbins

    Tuesday, March 31

    Hungry black widow,

    hiding under ivy leaves,

    eating her husband.

    —Robb Grover

    Wednesday, April 1

    Early plum blossom

    Drifting from heaven to earth

    Like a shooting star

    —Bert Etling

    Thursday, April 2

    Birds at our feeder,

    Living in the here and now,

    Need I say anymore?

    —Michael Hersh

    Friday, April 3

    Things I wish I knew.

    Pure, honest, true, life a haiku.

    Peace and love to you.


    Saturday, April 4

    The sky changes from

    its black pajamas to its

    blue working clothes. Dawn.

    —Jon Eisman

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