Haiku Corner: Week of May 18 - 23

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    Monday, May 18

    In a dry season

    Impatient, we do not see

    This water-made world

    —Pepper Trail

    Tuesday, May 19

    From a hidden dream

    comes a filament of life

    waiting for the dawn

    —Douglas Hillman Strong

    Wednesday, May 20

    I love gangster rhymes

    They are cooler than raw eggs

    Dope as mayonnaise.

    —Kaj Pandey

    Thursday, May 21

    Winter, discontent.

    Springtime, allergies rampant.

    Summer! Bring it on!

    —Ida Edwards

    Friday, May 22

    Rise with insect wings

    Life is a fleeting moment

    Drink nectar and soar

    —Mar Stowe

    Saturday, May 23

    Calla lily thrusts skyward

    Wild surf breaks

    The day lies in wait

    —Julian Spalding

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