Tidings Haiku Corner: Week of Feb. 16-21

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    Monday, Feb. 16
    Bird that doesn’t fly—
    just a dried leaf
    caught on a branch.
    — Carol Brockfield
    Tuesday, Feb. 17
    A new broom sweeps clean.
    But what use is a new broom
    In the falling snow?
    — Brady Rubin
    Wednesday, Feb. 18
    Prostrate plum blossoms
    weep fragrance
    for their dying branches
    — Carol Brockfield
    Thursday, Feb. 19
    Old birds fly; new birds
    empty the feeder in one day.
    Who leaked the address?
    — Brady Rubin
    Friday, Feb. 20
    I catch the falling gold
    that showers around me:
    riches in oak leaves.
    — Carol Brockfield
    Saturday, Feb. 21
    In Bear Creek, salmon
    leap, working feverishly;
    patient Death watching.
    — Brady Rubin
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