Tidings Haiku Corner: Week of Feb. 23-28

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    Monday, Feb. 23

    muddy pawprint

    on my leg — the kids

    practicing cartwheels

    — Shawn M. Davis

    Tuesday, Feb. 24

    Wind-swept cypress hover

    Over sea-side garden

    I write poems on a bench

    —Julian Spalding

    Wednesday, Feb. 25

    Dwarfed pyracanthus

    Beautiful anomaly

    Aged to perfection

    —Nancy Bringhurst

    Thursday, Feb. 26

    My lover removes his shirt

    Muscles contract

    My heart skips

    —Julian Spalding

    Friday, Feb. 27

    Longing, my cat looks

    at the outdoor scene—out there,

    longing, she looks in.

    —Dave Harvey

    Saturday, Feb. 28

    o solo rooster

    practiced morning aria

    curtain going up

    —Dan Kaufman

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