Tidings Haiku Corner: Week of March 2-7

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    Monday, March 2

    Seagull pivots left

    Turns right into the fogbank

    Ocean buoy clangs

    —Barry Vitcov

    Tuesday, March 3

    Cat curled in cozy house

    Twitching whiskers kneading paws

    Echo long gone mouse

    —Susan Rust

    Wednesday, March 4

    After the controlled

    burn water ruts soil and leaves

    charred woodfall glistening

    —Craig Martin

    Thursday, March 5

    Puddle as small as a tune

    before first light

    holds the whole moon

    —Judson Hyatt

    Friday, March 6

    Clamor for new wars

    lexicon of politics

    drowns out the questions

    —Joyce Epstein

    Saturday, March 7

    Really good poems

    are like hot buttered popcorn.

    May I have some more?

    —Jim Flint

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