Tidings Haiku Corner: Week of March 23-28

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    Monday, March 23

    Cold downtown bus stop

    disembarking people pass

    hey cutie, he says

    —Mallory LeJeune

    Tuesday, March 24

    As memory slips away —

    elders practice forgetting

    — every moment ... a fresh surprise

    —John Fisher-Smith

    Wednesday, March 25

    A single crystal flake

    Floats thru showers of light

    Rainbows in Yosemite

    —Gunther Baker

    Thursday, March 26

    This entanglement

    Bright and burning memory

    Pulls me to your star

    —Kathy Robbins 

    Friday, March 27

    Who nudges the lumps

    of snow in the evergreens,

    making them tumble?

    —Jim Flint 

    Saturday, March 28

    I miss rain’s rushing

    Collecting in the valley vein

    Great river running

    —Doug Buttorf

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