Inner Peace: In search of a miracle

    Dr. Gokul Gokani

    How to search yourself? Is it a problem, a journey — or will we just give up the search for the self? As it is already the case, if one stops identifying with the superimposed false EGO, feeling separate from the whole (which is rubbish, a mass hypnosis from not only childhood, but millions of lives in the eternal cycle of “birth and death”).

    We feel that we are normal in this existential energy cycle, which is shallow and keeps us in an eternal hell of unconsciousness as we continue our search for inner peace without reaching this mirage, and our reality. We need to take a break from our search in the 100 percent wrong direction in this never-ending cycle. History is our witness.

    We will find many teachers of untruth disguised as Truth Teachers or gurus ready to take us on a variety of absolutely wrong paths that will drain our bank balance and in return will give us assurance that now you will have a special mansion in the heavens ready built, as per our wish and making us firmly make-believe that we have now super salvation and God is in our fist or pocket. And we are absolutely ready to take their words as it is written by the ultimate.

    When will we wake up from this slumber and false search and direction? It seems we have decided to continue in the dream world and sleep forever if we agree with their advice and keep snoring eternally without moving an inch in the right direction and without paying the real price of the individual self-search, the inner journey within!

    We avoid it continuously and then decide that there is no inner peace in this marvelous modern age of science, art and internet. We don’t have a single moment to reflect and think. Maybe we think that death is going to send us a notice like the IRS, that they are coming to audit us! It will take you by the neck in a moment and there will not be a lawyer or anyone to argue your case to the Supreme Court to save you, so wake up now in this very moment or be ready to be in a Status Quo situation without waking, but dreaming that you have arrived home.

    So the choice is yours, either come out of your Yog-Nidra/spiritual sleep in this very moment, here and now, or go on dreaming of inner peace, which is really an inner exploration, a journey from Here to Here!

    What are you waiting for, as no saviors can carry you on their shoulders, though they tried their best to wake you up by their sermons, like splashing ice cold water on our dreaming faces — but what did we do to them in return?

    Either we crucified them, or poisoned them or murdered them by hook or crook in the name of saving our stupid ideas of society and supreme Egos! We all are the product of the same energy in the cycle of evolution and dissolution and no one is higher or lower because death puts us all in the same cadre, so leave all ideas of being special, separate from the whole or Oneness or an undivided Existence!

    Swami Anand Krishna (Dr. Gokul Gokani) is a retired ENT surgeon who has worked in England, India and Africa and has lived in Ashland since 1999. Born in India, he shares the experience of meditation with fellow travelers, is a reiki master, ayurveda counselor, healer and spiritual counselor. For more information, email him at or go to

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