Inner Peace: Is inner peace a trick? Or a treat?

    Here we are in October, the month that features my favorite holiday, Halloween. So I ask, “Does inner peace tie into our celebration of Halloween?” The main storyline of our American version of Halloween is that a child puts on a costume and then goes door-to-door asking for a “trick or treat.” It is a forgone conclusion that they are really only interested in getting some candy and quickly moving on to the next house and next chance to get a treat. (Does this remind you of any other parts of your life?)

    But what about the trick? What is the trick of Halloween? The trick, as I see it, is where this story really begins. The trick is that I put on a costume to pretend to be something that I am not. You play along with this “trick” by pretending that I am the costume that I am wearing. Somehow you overcome the shock that there is a monster at your door and you give me a treat. We all agree to play this pretend game for the treat of tricking ourselves.

    So what does any of this have to do with inner peace?

    First, let’s create one possible definition of "inner peace." For me, inner peace is a deep calm that comes from remembering my place in the bigger story of life. “Inner” is the key word here. “Outer peace” or a “peace between me and other humans,” let’s call it, seems to be out of our collective reach as a young species. But “inner” or “spiritual peace” is well within the reach of each of us. Again, the key word is “inner,” so let’s “enter” the “inner.”

    Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I choose to believe this and if it resonates with you, then this Halloween analogy will work perfectly for you.

    I invite you to consider that Halloween is our annual human version of a very much bigger game of trick or treat. This bigger version has been going on for a long time and the game runs one level deeper than our Halloween. In this bigger version, each of us puts on a “human being” costume and we pretend to be something we are not. Meanwhile, the real deal (infinite life force or spirit) is hiding inside the costume. (Shhh, don’t tell!)

    We purposely forgot that we put the costume on and the lifelong game of pretend goes on and on. Oh sure, occasionally we see through the veil and we think we remember something … but soon we forget again. Then we remember again and then we forget again, unless we don’t.

    We are playing a trick on each other and on ourselves at the same time. Ha ha ha!

    When we have longer moments of remembering who we really are, we chuckle at the tricky and wonderful game we set up for ourselves and we experience the deep calm of inner peace.

    The trick of pretending to be something we are not is also a treat.

    The trick of forgetting that I am a divine spark of life, cleverly disguised as Peter, allows me to experience all the sweet and sour of life.

    On Halloween, it is fun to pretend that I am a monster for one night.

    In life, it is fun to pretend that I am a human for one lifetime.

    In the infinite realm (that realm we have never left) (wink wink) one night is a lifetime and a lifetime is one night.

    Ha ha ha — Halloween and our human life, they are both a trick and a treat rolled into one.


    Happy Halloween!

    Once upon a time — from 2000-2008 — the divine spark cleverly disguised as Peter Melton lived in Ashland. He returns regularly to visit family members and the many friends, young and old, that he considers “Heart Family.” Peter writes on many topics, including spirituality, peace and climate change, and he especially enjoys writing spirited children’s fables. He hopes someday to relocate to Ashland. Contact him at






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