Inner Peace: Worldwide conflict and resolution (Part 1 of 3)

    Our ancient history is filled with human suffering, conflicts and wars that have a religious component. The banner of religion was and is still used as a clarion call to promote an ideology with rules.

    Those who promote these ideologies have a hidden agenda, rooted in fundamentalist beliefs to force on society. They are willing to persistently persuade, manipulate or use force to achieve their goals. They claim that they are following God’s will, doing his bidding and their ideology is presented as the only correct one. Hence, if you are considered wrong, you can be viewed as a misguided, unworthy person. Today, as in the past, one can be shunned or put to death if one’s beliefs conflict with their extreme views.

    Many people believe that the source of our current conflicts is very complex and, therefore, a quick and complete solution is not forthcoming. We ask ourselves: What I can do to help create a more peaceful world? There are some who feel that wars are inevitable. This hopeless perspective disables one’s motivation to search and contribute to a viable solution.

    I believe there is a solution that can be helpful in the short term and be part of a more comprehensive solution for the long term. The possible solutions that await recognition are foundationally located in areas that most of us agree on.

    What are the beliefs that most of mankind shares? The core beliefs of most mainline religions promote a peaceful lifestyle, including helping others in need, sharing and love as a mandate. Working together, we can expand this list of common core values, which then become the basis for consensus building.

    It is possible to create a peace consciousness regardless of one’s religious affiliations, or lack thereof, if our common core beliefs are recognized. It is not necessary to get 100 percent agreement from humankind; a small percentage of the population can generate a consensus of ideas that will spread throughout society.

    There are always shifts in human consciousness occurring. Consider the following examples: smoking becoming socially unacceptable; a greater desire for organic foods; more tolerance for diverse lifestyles, and (although racism remains a serious issue) more racial tolerance.

    Clearly, change starts within one’s self. As this change is reflected in your activities, it has a multiplying effect on others — which is the nature of energy. Energy is not motionless. Love is an energy that connects us together. Hatred and anger is a disconnecting energy that separates us from each other.

    The main idea to consider is that a very small percentage of people scattered across the planet can shift our human endeavors toward a more peaceful world where the needs of everyone can be realized.

    This work is not strictly the provenance of others. You and I are necessary to this global cause. The following are necessary components which are addressed in a simplified fashion, that when added together can lead to a co-created philosophy establishing a better way to live for everyone.

    1) Individually creating a deeper awareness of one’s True Self. This requires deprogramming our false concepts of ourselves and others. In other words, identify our basic core. This is a major task that requires diligent effort. This is everyone’s basis of inherent connection. The question is: who are you?

    2) Internalize daily the reality of oneness in all thoughts and actions. Separation of anything is a false conclusion created in the mind of man.

    3) Using the art of communication to understand and connect with

    4) Knowing that what you do is important. Your life is your message to others. Your life is a contribution that extends beyond yourself. Whether you consciously recognize it or not, in all ways, you live in a world where everything is interconnected.

    Next week: Part ll – Who are you?

    Charles “Al” Huth, M.Ed., is the author of Living an Extraordinary Life—The Magic of Oneness and Living Harmoniously with Yourself and Others. He lives in the Rogue Valley and is an inspirational speaker and magician. His website is


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